A New Era

New Phoenix Rising exists to be of service to those who want more than what is available in a traditional Network Marketing environment.

We are committed to be of assistance in the evolution of human consciousness

Through cultivating Authenticity, Congruence and Empowerment, and by enhancing people’s ability to choose Health, Abundance and love, we are fostering the development of Global Spiritual Community based on freedom, personal creativity and harmony with Nature.


Distributor community

We are growing and reaching new heights by sharing wellness through our BioLumina Spirulina and our other products.


Our Commitment

We are taking the necessary steps forward to create sustainable packaging for our distributors & customers.


Impact & transformation

Could you imagine having a supportive environment and an instant market for your creativity? Join our tribe.

transforming your health & wealth

At New Phoenix Rising we believe in authentic business.

You were born to follow the pathway of your heart while you embody your passion for living as a result of fulfilling your ever-evolving dream. 


Our Team

Lance Leonard

CEO & Co-founder

As co-founder of New Phoenix Rising, my intent and passion has always been to create a space where ordinary people can realize just how extraordinary their lives can become when they align with their soul purpose. Starting with improving their health (our products), to expanding their freedom (our business opportunity), to growing their network (to change their world), it’s all about empowerment. That is my passion! My job is to keep the ship of New Phoenix Rising on course and in alignment with its greater purpose.

Lyndia Leonard

Co- founder

As a co-founder of New Phoenix Rising, I am always willing to do what it takes to bring forth the goodness and transformation that is at the core of what New Phoenix Rising is all about. My forte is accessing the “elder wisdom” that comes from my many years of work in the transformational/social change space, and to apply it to real life situations with you, our New Phoenix Rising family.

Christopher Hills

Product Development

Being the grandson of Dr. Christopher Hills, my commitment is to bring the legacy of my grandfather into the future. By helping to create the best Spirulina and related products, and assisting people to wake up to their true potential in life through our products, business opportunity and community, I also fulfill my purpose.

Kirti Kana

Digital Media Manager

Here to help create massive transformation through the digital aspect of storytelling for New Phoenix Rising. You can catch me shooting content, editing the site, creating drip campaigns, clickfunnles, and bringing spice to our social media networks. 

Our scientists

Dr. Yury Kronn

quantum physicists

The process of Quantum Infusion is the result of over 40 years of research by a team of quantum physicists led by the late Dr. Yury Kronn. Dr Kronn, born in the former USSR, has spent his life on the leading edge of advanced science and is recognized worldwide as a major contributor to the field of nonlinear quantum radio-physics. His co-authored book, Resonant Nonlinear Interactions of Light With Matter, is the definitive book in his field and is used at universities around the world. He also led the development of the world’s first 4-photon tunable laser frequency converter operating in the infrared range, among many other important discoveries. Today, we all benefit from Dr Kronn’s pioneering work by applying it to the enhancement of life through the development of advanced nutritional and other healing products.

Christopher Hills

Father of Spirulina

Christopher Hills (April 9, 1926 – January 31, 1997) was an English-born author, philosopher, and scientist described as the “Father of Spirulina” for popularizing spirulina cyanobacteria as a food supplement. He also wrote 30 books on consciousness, meditation, yoga, and spiritual evolution, devining, world government, aquaculture, and personal health. Hills was variously headlined by the press as a “Western Guru Scientist”, “Natural Foods Pioneer”, “Evolutionary Revolutionary” and a “Modern Merlin”.As a successful commodities trader and art patron in Jamaica, he retired from business at an early age to follow a spiritual quest that took him around the world as a speaker, author, entrepreneur, and pioneer of algae as one of the most efficient sources of food and fuel for humanity.