Achieving 3 is Free

As a New Phoenix Rising Distributor, you not only have the opportunity to earn free Quantum-Infused Spirulina each month, but also grow your monthly pay-check. To the point, you may soon be able to quit your 9-5 and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being a distributor full time.

But, before we get ahead of ourselves… let’s get you earning some free spirulina.

Shall we? 😉

  • You must be on auto-ship in order to be a part of 3 is Free.
  • You can also sell x3 BioLumina Spirulina Packages to one customer and still qualify.
  • Use your own personal URL to send people to purchase from. Example of your URL:

  • Send your future distributor to your own personal website. Example of your URL:
  • You can share to your prospect our free Masterclass on Our Opportunities.
  • Follow up with them and share the Distributor Enrollment Packages listed here.
  • To enroll as a distributor: Have them go to the upper tab Earn  Enroll Now  Have them enter your Distributor ID

  • This step is for advanced / pro distributors!
  • You can find more details for this within our Distributor Training Guide.


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We are committed to be of assistance in the evolution of human consciousness. Through cultivating Authenticity, Congruence and Empowerment, and by enhancing people’s ability to choose Health, Abundance and love, we are fostering the development of Global Spiritual Community based on freedom, personal creativity and harmony with Nature.

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