BioLumina Cacao Mousse  

I have served this incredibly delicious treat “a thousand times” to family, friends and clients! Although this is a non-dairy, non-sugar, non-gluten, non-egg recipe, my mousse is far from “light & fluffy”…it’s “dense and rich!”…it’s “dakine” mousse…and super healthy for you! It’s interesting to note that “Cacao” is a Mayan word meaning “God Food” and “Theobroma Cacao” means “Food of the Gods.”  


1.5 cups Cacao Paste

1/2 cup Cacao Butter

2 Tbs Carob Powder

1 Tbs Maca (found in health food stores)

3.5 cups Coconut Milk

1/2 cup Coconut Butter (Raw, Artisana brand)

4 Tbs Coconut Oil 

2 Tbs raw Vanilla Powder

¼ tsp Salt (I use Himalayan “Pink”)

1/2 cup Coconut Palm Sugar or Xylitol or Lucuma (I combine some of these sweeteners to total up to the portion desired)

1 tsp “Stevia Clear” (liquid Stevia) 

3 Tbs Avocado

2 Tbs Acai Berry Juice

2 Tbs Pomegranite Juice

1 Tbs Passion Fruit Puree

1 tsp BioLumina

1/2 tsp Shilagit (powder) Note that the tar is more potent

1 ton or more of Aloha (love) ~ ~ ~

Note: It’s best to start with LESS sweetener and then if more is needed, just add at end (as you finish up your blending). Be aware that your Cacao Mousse will be slightly sweeter after its chilled and set, so be sure you tune in to the subtle sweetness of the “warm blend” to get it just right. Also, some like Maple Syrup, Mesquite and a host of other natural sweeteners, but remember, they each have their own unique taste and they’ll affect the flavor of your Cacao Mousse. 

You can also use fresh fruit — 1 cup ripe Mango (you have choices here…choose very sweet “rich” fruits) or Persimmon (the kind with soft, juicy flesh!)


And of course, antioxidant juices — [ Goji Berry Juice, 3 Tbs, Mangostein Juice, Lilikoi Juice, Acai Berry Juice, Pomegranite Juice or a mixture.

If you want that “Passion” kick, add some fresh Lilikoi Puree…this is one of my favorite ingredients…Passion Fruit! A total of 8 or 9 tablespoons of juice works, and if you have passion puree, much less. 

If you decide to use canned Coconut Milk, be sure to drain off the small amount of water from the milk. But you’ll notice a vast difference in taste between canned and fresh frozen. 


In a pot, warm ingredients gently at Simmer level (warm to touch so that blending comes real easy…turn off the burner when it starts to feel warm to the touch), stir well and chop and then stir in the Coconut Butter and Cacao Butter fairly well (no need to melt completely); then pour into a good blender and blend until smooth and creamy; then pour into shallow champagne glasses if you like “class” (my favorite way to serve individual portions)…or small glass “jello” bowls, or plastic serving cups (2 oz or 4 oz) with lids, and then chill in refrigerator for 1.5 hours or more before serving.  (Before covering your Cacao Mousse, allow it to chill first, then cover, otherwise you’ll have condensation under the lids or plastic wrap and that is NOT good. You can also freeze it, but transfer it to the refrigerator when it’s nice and chilled and you are planning to serve it within a few hours. Of course, it’ll taste good even when it’s close to frozen but will be an effort to eat! Most prefer it of medium firmness and refreshingly cool.

Note:  A “Vitamix” is the best blender, but any good blender will work for this Cacao recipe.  If you want to make large batches then get a Vitamix or any of the “high-powered” blenders.

Ideas for topping (optional): 

Top (in the center, leaving some of the Cacao Mousse surface showing) with a thick Coconut Sauce made with Coconut Milk, Coconut Butter and Stevia Clear (or your fav sweetener. (Proportionally, use a 5 to 1 ratio of Coconut Butter to Coconut Milk, and sweeten to taste; just hand mix/stir in a small bowl until sauce is smooth and consistent). Chill it gently so the sauce is very thick when you spoon it on to your already-chilled Cacao Mousse.

Sometimes I’ll blend a small amount of fruit into the Coconut Sauce…like persimmon or mango which will change the color a bit. You can chill it for a few minutes before serving if you wish it to be “firmer” and cool like the Mousse.

As you prepare to serve the Mousse, top off by adding a couple of roasted (unsalted) Macadamia Nut halves (center them on the Coconut Sauce and add a sprig of fern and a small orchid on the inside edge of the glass. (If you like raw Macadamia Nuts then go get ’em at your health food store or crack the nuts yourself!) 

Other choices for toppings are:  Sweet strawberries, blueberries, thimble berries, mango, lychee, persimmon (any sweet fruit you like, actually)…..or don’t top it at all…go with the straight Mousse which is far from monotonous!

And you can be creative with your decorative garnishes…different flowers, such as orchids are nice, scented flowers too, can be used. Nasturtiums make a colorful garnish….then you can eat them with your mousse! Also, Yellow Ginger goes great with the Cacao! I also garnish with small sprigs (tops) of fresh mint, occasionally. Tiny Vervain (purple) flowers are also nice as they are edible too. And a dark or bright green fern leaf usually gets tucked in behind the flower. Obviously, you’ll use whatever’s in season in your area.


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