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Vitamins, Minerals, and Proteins

Highly digestible (over 90%) and in nearly 
identical amino acid profile to the human body; all 
10 essentials and 9 more!

Contains abundant Omega 3 and Omega 6

A rainbow of vitamins, pigments and 
phytonutrients, including:


Highest known source of B-12), C, E

Exceptionally rich in beta carotene; 20 times more than carrots.

The highest known source of the rare immune enhancing blue antioxidant.

High levels of this antioxidant enzyme.

A range of protection.

Only mother’s milk is higher in this anti- inflammatory.

The only vegetarian source of this energy giving nutrient.

A rare, biologically active carbohydrate which delivers nutrients to the cells and across the blood brain barrier.

Including Iron and Calcium in abundance.

The following values are per 100g of dried spirulina. The percentages are based on the RDI.
• Vitamin A equiv. (4%) 29 μg• Vitamin D (0%) 0 IU
• Beta-carotene (3%) 342 μg• Vitamin E (33%) 5 mg
• Thiamine (B1) (207%) 2.38 mg• Vitamin K (24%) 25.5 ug
• Riboflavin (B2) (306%) 3.67 mg• Calcium (12%) 120 mg
• Niacin (B3) (85%) 12.82 mg• Iron (219%) 28.5 mg
• Pantothenic acid (B5) (70%) 3.48 mg• Magnesium (55%) 195 mg
• Folate (B9) (24%) 94 μg• Manganese (90%) 1.9 mg
• Vitamin B12 (0%) 0 μg• Phosphorus (17%) 118 mg
• Choline (13%) 66 mg• Potassium (29%) 1363 mg
• Vitamin C (12%) 10.1 mg• Sodium (70%) 1048 mg
• Vitamin D (0%) 0 IU• Zinc (21%) mg

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