EMF: Part 2

Welcome back to part two of our discussion of EMF and how to thrive in a world increasingly full of it! In EMF part 1 we talked about the basics of EMF and of Quantum Infusion and how we have developed a solution with the Intrinity Plus.

Now, as promised, we’ll dive into how we create the quantum effects and how these energies can be life changing for you and your loved ones. You may remember that in Part 1 we discussed how wearing an Intrinity Plus was akin to creating your own personal superconductivity state and that the method we employ to create the energetic effects involves plasma. First, let’s talk about what plasma is and is not.

Lightning is a form of plasma
Lightning is a form of plasma; Quantum Infusion is created using plasma!

Many in the medical field understand plasma as being blood. This is not the kind of plasma we are talking about. The plasma we use to create the quantum effects is in the realm of energy. The study of plasma energy is an emerging field in which some scientists have made discoveries that have won them Nobel prizes!

Plasma has been described as “the fourth state of matter,” is everywhere and makes up a large percentage of the measurable part of the universe. Many leading plasma research scientists believe that some types of plasma are actually intelligent and are a non-organic life form, (i.e., alive!) which may be more intelligent than we humans are. Some scientists even believe that our “etheric bodies” (the part of us that does not die when our body dies) are actually made of plasma. Our sun and most stars and the lightning that we see during electrical storms are all made of plasma.

The key to Quantum Infusion is using plasma to record and to stimulate energy patterns that exist in nature on the quantum level. By doing this, we can create effects in the quantum world, which in turn affect the physical world. What’s great about the technology is that it is repeatable, predictable science that can be used to correct imbalances in the body before they become “full blown” disease. Some of you might be thinking that this sounds pretty “out there” in terms of “real science.” If so, consider that the work we are talking about has been published in a main stream medical journal in Europe (we are too controlled here in the USA to allow this kind of science…) This is how a system like Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, specifically) works in the body.

Relax the body with meditation
Quantum Infusion works in harmony with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by supportiung the energy body through the meridians

Quantum Infusion is a complicated science to fully explain in a short article but suffice to say that by using computers to control the plasma and therefore the various treatments that we impart into the products, results are achieved in a precise way, so that we know in advance which beneficial effects are being created in our physical bodies! The energy patterns we use already exist in nature, so we are using Biomimicry (following nature’s intelligence) in our science to create harmonious technology instead of what is often created with modern technology.

This is one reason it is so beneficial to immerse yourself in nature; by doing so you absorb the subtle energies of the plant kingdom which can transform the energy circuits of your body. Technologies created out of sync (out of harmony or resonance) with nature, like cell phones and computers, are designed to create a disconnect with nature’s energy patterns.

At the core of many technologies that we take for granted today, is a theme of control. It is accomplished through conditioning and is usually presented to the public in one of two ways: either it is for your convenience or for your own safety. It is reinforced by everyone around you going along with “the herd” so to speak. Of course we are not going to tell you to stop using your cell phone (wonderful if you can!) since for most people that is impractical. However we can make some simple suggestions to improve your life right now, beyond using the Intrinity Plus, which is a great start!

Last week we mentioned these symptoms of EMF exposure:
headaches, lowered immune response, heart rhythm changes, lowered sperm count, brain wave changes and sleep disruption.
This week we’ll add:
Fertility Issues, Depression, DNA damage, Anxiety, Difficulty concentrating and there are even more!

Whether you are experiencing any of these symptoms or not, it is worthwhile to take as many of the following steps as you can to “slow down the EMF train” in your personal world:
Use your speaker phone or a wired headset (not bluetooth) to keep the signal away from your brain! This also goes for heart issues, keep it away from your heart!

If you can, put your wifi on a switch to be turned off at night. Absorbing EMF in your sleep, is worse than when you are awake.
If possible, turn your cellphones and other devices off completely and leave them in another room at night.

If you are having fertility issues or a diminished sperm count, EMF may be the cause! Avoid having your cellphone in your pocket or anywhere near your genitals or your uterus. These toxic waves affect the hormonal balance in the body and physically damage the sensitive tissues in males & females.

As we said last week, we do not recommend the use of devices that “Block” the cell phone signal. For more on this, see EMF Part 1.

For a long-range plan, reduce your use as much as you can from electronic devices. This includes electric blankets, microwaves, baby monitors, cell phones, computers and any “smart” devices! If your home has a smart meter you can request to have it removed and replaced with an analog one. Smart meters emit a signal that is stronger than advertised, especially if your house happens to be the one that broadcasts the signal to a local tower, and if the meter is close to where you sleep. If you are unable to remove it, this is one instance that shielding can help.

BioLumina Spirulina 400 grams
BioLumina Spirulina works synergistically with our EMF protector, Intrinity Plus

Also, if you are having headaches, depression, anxiety or difficulties concentrating, BioLumina Spirulina can help in many ways and works well in tandem with the Intrinity Plus. EMF exposure can actually cause your body to retain heavy metals! By adding necessary (and often depleted) micro-minerals and simultaneously assisting your body to detox heavy metals (which interact with EMF), adding all B Vitamins (which can lift your mood and increase feelings of wellbeing) and adding powerful antioxidants like Phycocyanin into the mix, BioLumina is the perfect addition to the Intrinity Plus and your EMF protection program. Spirulina is also known to protect and restore DNA and the list keeps going!

Fearless Tea for kidney protection
Fearless Tea works well in tandem with Intrinity Plus!

One final thought on this topic: With all the detoxing that we all need to be doing regularly because of the toxic overload that is present in so many parts of our environment, consider adding Fearless to your plan as well. Detoxing is necessary and the benefits are many, but it can in and of itself take a toll on the body. Fearless strengthens and protects the kidneys (among other things) so it also works very well in tandem with the other two products mentioned earlier in this article. In fact, If you are going to get all three products, by all means order them as our product called Synergy! It’s a combination of all three and is also discounted! But we’ll talk more about that in the near future.

For more information on how to protect your family and friends (or furry friends), making your home or office more human friendly, check our website…and please remember to go outside for a walk…. nature is a wonderful antidote to screens.


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