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What would it be like to have a supportive environment and an instant market for your creativity? A way to position your products or services with a built in audience of like minded people who are already seeking what you have to offer. What if that audience included the whole country? Sounds like specialized advertising that you’d pay lots of money for, right? With your New Phoenix Rising web page, you have the possibility of doing exactly that while you also generate a growing perpetual income through your sales of New Phoenix Rising nutritional products, all at minimal cost to you!

As a Member you receive access to your own extensive website complete with many tools to help you develop a perpetual income stream. Additionally, when you reach the Trainer level, (see Compensation Page for more information) you can begin to network your other interests on your webpage! Your personal products/services business can actually help your Nutritional products business grow and vice-versa because of the cross sales that will happen. Not only can the people who you send to your web page for New Phoenix Rising products see your personal products/services, but additionally, through our “Featured Members” page, thousands of New Phoenix Rising members can find out about your other interests creating a synergy of abundant proportions!

Your personal page can become a tool to help you share your creativity with the larger world community. It’s another way that New Phoenix Rising is committed to assisting you to integrate your life.

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We are committed to be of assistance in the evolution of human consciousness. Through cultivating Authenticity, Congruence and Empowerment, and by enhancing people’s ability to choose Health, Abundance and love, we are fostering the development of Global Spiritual Community based on freedom, personal creativity and harmony with Nature.

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