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How I Learned to Love Superconductivity

Since it’s inception in 2011, New Phoenix Rising has been committed to delivering solutions to challenges that we all face, even the ones we cannot see. One such challenge is EMF exposure. There are literally thousands of studies which show that EMF exposure causes negative biological effects such as headaches, lowered immune response, heart rhythm changes, lowered sperm count, brain wave changes, sleep disruption and more!

Most products on the market today attempt to bock or shield the EMF which does not work. In fact it may make the situation worse by causing the EMF source (your cell phone for instance) to broadcast an even stronger signal in order to connect with the cell tower. At best, it means that your cell phone doesn’t work very well.

Our approach is different and truly revolutionary. Created by the famous Russian Quantum Physicist, the late Dr. Yury Kronn and working on the sub-atomic level, Quantum Infusion changes the vibratory frequency of the space immediately surrounding your body, which in turn affects the way your body responds to the EMF radiation. In short, the negative biological effects are simply no longer present, and this can be measured!

Russian Physicist the late Dr. Yury Kronn
Dr Yury Kronn

But how, you ask, does it work? To use an analogy of electricity, we could say that it turns your body into a superconductor. When electricity passes through a substance like a copper wire, there is little resistance unless there is too much electricity for a given wire size.

Take that same electricity and pass it through a semiconductor and there is more resistance; that is to say there is energy “stuck” in the semiconductor which turns into heat. Given enough heat and you will destroy the semiconductor. That’s why super powerful computers need to be cooled.

With superconductivity, there is zero resistance so all of the electricity flows through, causing no damage. Your body has the same reaction to EMF as the semi conductor does to electricity; the energy gets stuck and creates heat among many other negative effects. When you wear an Intrinity Plus Pendant, the EMF passes right on through, causing no damage, just like a superconductor!

Superconductivity is an interesting topic that is connected with many hidden technologies. Did you know that if one attempts to patent an invention that involves superconductivity in the U.S., the patent has to be cleared by the military before it is granted? By wearing your own Intrinity Plus EMF pendant, you are creating your own biological superconductive state and who knows, maybe, just maybe, you are rising above the dictates of the military industrial complex! (just kidding…)  But I digress…

To return to the Intrinity Plus, you could say that Quantum Infusion technology is based on a “relationship” paradigm instead of a “defensive” one. This can be likened to the same difference between the Pharma approach and the holistic approach in health management. The wholistic approach is a relationship paradigm. Interestingly, the holistic (Quantum) paradigm requires higher intelligence, and an understanding of the whole environment, whereas the Pharma paradigm (like the warfare model) requires very little understanding. It is very simplistic and binary, or polarized as in “the good guys and the bad guys.”

What are some of the positive effects we’ve seen? They range from subtle to dramatic, depending on the person. Either way they are life changing because when you wear it, you are strengthening your energy field and that goes a long way to creating a healthy life!

The small and medium size Intrinity Plus Pendants protect your body when worn as directed. The large size creates a protection zone much bigger than your body; about a 30 foot sphere or circle surrounds you when you wear it.

Next week we’ll talk about how, exactly, we infuse these quantum energies into the Intrinity Plus. A hint is that the process has to do with plasma, which is itself another interesting topic. We’ll also talk about how the Intrintiy Plus interacts with our other Quantum Infused products and much more!


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