January 2024

Happy New Year  and many Blessings

Greetings from the Coastal Redwoods of Northern California! This has been a year of changes in our families and in our business. In our families, many of our elders have transitioned and we are now taking their places. We also moved to a new location in Northern California and we are appreciating the teachings of the redwood trees which now surround us. In their process of death and decay, they provide nutrients for the neighboring trees. This symbiotic relationship is the foundation for the next generations to thrive! We consider BioLumina Spirulina to be a foundational food that nourishes the body by filling in dietary nutritional gaps so you can live your best life. We see our role as wise elders to be one of passing on useful information and wisdom that is found in Spirulina itself, which also nourishes the earth by giving more than it takes. We’ll share more specifics about how we are making that an even bigger reality in the coming months. Our science of Quantum Infusion is also evolving to play an even larger role in the health of us all. We are excited to be stewards of this powerful healing agent!

Our Move

Early in 2023 we moved New Phoenix Rising and our nonprofit, Meredith Project to Mendocino County. It took 3 oversized moving trucks, and 4 specialty semi-trucks to move everything and after many months we feel settled in our new home. We have just completed the installation of a new communication system which will add many benifts for you and enhance our ability to keep you informed about the latest health information and innovations.

The great Redwoods, which now surround us inspire us tremendously. The symbology of the trees is of wisdom, wellness, safety, longevity, strength, forgiveness and gratefulness. They arrived on the planet shortly after the dinosaurs left and some of the trees are over 2,000 years old. They are the tallest of all trees and their bark retains water to protect them from fire. The roots of the trees are shallow and intertwine with other trees holding onto each other for stability and nourishment. These underground networks are powerful connections that provide strength for the trees around them. When one tree is taken down, all of the trees suffer. This act of nature, reminds us of how we humans, although individually strong are even stronger when nurtured by our family, friends and larger community. As the community of New Phoenix Rising grows, our ability to enhance the connections that we all need to thrive will grow as well. There is much to look forward to in this year, 2024!


This New Year is a time of reflection and appreciation. We are grateful to offer you what we know that keeps the body healthy and our Spirits strong… recognizing how what has been for many very trying times, can be made easier by friends, family and community. We are also here to listen!

In appreciation of your friendship and your business, we have prepared Redwood Medallions as a gift for you in the new year. You can carry it with you daily, use it in meditation or anytime in remembrance of what our giant friends stand for… wisdom to make decisions that are right for you, wellness from choosing a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature, safety from honoring right timing, longevity from living a heart-filled life, strength through optimal food choices, forgiveness from recognizing the innate goodness of all human souls, and a grateful heart!

They will be shipped in all orders starting immediately. We are grateful you are in our lives. We pledge to offer only the finest products for your health, longevity and financial wellbeing in this next year. Be safe, have fun and remember we will in all ways, hold you in our hearts as we move through this next (possibly intense) cycle! We look forward to actively offering workshops and podcasts in this coming year. We will also be posting new videos which you can share with your friends and contacts from your own website. Having been in the health and longevity industry for the last 40+ years, we want to pass our wisdom on to you. There is no time like the present to get healthy (your quality of life depends on it) or to stay healthy…… and we have the products and the know-how to help you do just that. 

Looking Ahead 

To start off this year, we will be educating you about EMF, what it does to the human body and what you can do to mitigate the damage to you, your children, grandchildren, pets, friends, etc.,. Many EMF devices are available today but we are one of the only companies with scientific data to show that our beautiful Intrinity Plus necklaces work to protect you! For example, do you know that GMO foods often contain nano particles that are activated in your body by cell phone exposure? Or that by being outside under chem-trails you take in Nano Bots that gather heavy metals in the body further comprising your immune system? Or that when you put a blocking device on your cell phone it makes the EMF signal even stronger? Do you know where other EMF’s come from in your household? Have you heard, that BioLumina Spirulina helps you detox from EMF Radiation? You will learn about this and much more through our weekly emails and educational offerings!

In closing, the wisdom and kindness you offer to those in your lives is a wonderful and necessary contribution at this time. Thank you for all that you do to uplift this very troubled world. Be in touch by phone or email. We care about you!



Big Love, 

Lance & Lyndia Storey-Leonard 

Co-Founders of New Phoenix Rising


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