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Quantum Infusion: Wellness with Intention

Supporting optimal health and wellness is more than just treating the physical body. Technologies exist today which support healing across many levels. This area of healing is called Energy Medicine. Quantum Infusion is the most advanced form of energy medicine available and is one way we integrate our holistic mission of providing optimal support for the Whole Human Being. Some features of Quantum Infusion include:

  • Quantum Infusion works through the body’s meridian system: No digestion is required for these energetic patterns to begin working on the subtle energy body. Some people feel it before they’ve even finished their smoothie!
  • Quantum Infusion has been the subject of university studies in California: Scientists have not only seen dramatic results with this technology, but they have also shown solid evidence for the existence of the meridian system.
  • Quantum Infusion works in harmony with qualities described by Traditional Chinese Medicine as the Five Elements: Water Wood Fire Earth Air. It’s like getting an acupuncture treatment in your morning smoothie!


What is Quantum Infusion?

A proprietary process that begins with the utilization of a tunable plasma generator to reproduce the energetic blueprint of any natural substance. Through understanding the interactions of various combinations of these energetic blueprints, and infusing them into high Phycocyanin Spirulina, the healing power of the nutrients in BioLumina is significantly enhanced in a safe and effective way. The Quantum Infusion technology is based on the same subtle energy fields that have been utilized for thousands of years in the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine. While these subtle energy fields are not yet officially recognized by mainstream science, the practical application of them has a proven track record as with acupuncture for example. Many of these energetic combinations have been and are currently being studied at universities in the U.S.


Quantum Infusion is a breakthrough in quantum radio-physics and is the result of many decades of work by leading scientists in Russia and the U.S.A. The technology for generating Subtle Energy patterns utilizes specific plasma configurations manipulated by electrical and magnetic fields. It is able to emit, store, amplify, reproduce and infuse the patterns into the BioLumina.

Subtle Energy

In the human body, the software which governs the physical effects is the energetic body while the electrical impulses represent the non-electromagnetic (or Quantum) energy referred to as Subtle Energy. Subtle Energy influences the body’s energetic system and as a consequence the functioning of the physical body.
The set of frequencies infused into BioLumina are specifically chosen to work in harmony with the high-grade Spirulina used only in BioLumina and to be universally beneficial to all body types. BioLumina works with the subtle energy system to support the body’s natural ability to develop and maintain structural strength, physical balance and to create a stable and powerful inner core, like the trunk of a tree with its roots deep in the ground. It assists with stress recovery and can be effective for everyone from professional athletes to people who suffer from stability issues. While conventional medicine does not yet recognize the energy fields that Radionics puts to practical use, modern quantum physics, ancient medical, and mystical traditions all point to their existence. Thus it may be said that Quantum Infusion operates in the realm where science and spirituality meet.


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