Spirulina Spring Challenge May 2023

We’re starting a 7 Day BioLumina Spirulina Challenge!
It’s as easy as it sounds, and anyone can do it.

We’re hoping you join in on this magic next week. 🥳
Yes ohh yes we are so excited!!

This Challenge begins this upcoming Monday, May 1st, and ends on the 7th!

Time to re-up on our BioLumina if you haven’t already ➝
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Why would you want to do this?
If you are someone who needs a little more accountability in taking
your BioLumina daily, this is the support and motivation that can get you on the right tracks! We will focus on overall health and weight loss. Doing this as a group will be fun as we learn to give and receive support to reach our goals.

Daily dose of Spirulina
If you’re a new to eating BioLumina Spirulina daily you can start at 1 Tbls and increase it to 3Tbls daily. To loose weight, you would replace your morning & evening meals with a smoothie. Make sure to not snack around these meals. Looking for Spirulina Smoothie Recipe Inspiration? ➝ Here are our 7-Day Spirulina Smoothie Recipe Cards!

Why Organic?
It matters, and we want to challenge you (if you’re not used to supporting local and eating organic) to step out of your comfort zone and go the extra mile for your health.

Daily Movement
Anything counts here as long as you do it for a minimum of 15- 30 minutes.

Share it
At least with one friend or many who have never tried BioLumina Spirulina.

Document it
1 photo and or video a day for 7 days
If you wish to journal about how you’re feeling throughout the 7 days we encourage it!

Join the challenge on ourCommunity WhatsApp Group! 


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