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Rumi, the famous 13th century Persian mystic and poet once said: “Out beyond ideas of right and wrong, there is a field, I’ll meet you there…” This week we’ll share a few stories that we’ve heard from our Customers and Distributors along the way. We do this to inspire you about what is possible, and how much goodness there is in “the field” when we give up judgment!

We are social beings and story telling is at the heart of how we pass on information, inspiration and ultimately transformation. Life is about transformation and the stories we tell others are a reflection of the most important story: the ones we tell ourselves.

As you may imagine, we hear many amazing stories from the field, helping us to realize how important what we are doing is. We all learn from  each other and hope you will feel inspired to share yours. One story can change a life for the better and the ripple effect can bring healing to many.

Life is a tapestry of information and that information is always inviting us to greater wisdom. We are all naturally attracted to that wisdom but being human, at times, we make up stories about why we cannot access it or use it. A simple change in our perception of what’s possible for us can have a wonderful cascade effect, bringing love, healing and wisdom to our own life and to those around us.
Here are a few stories that we’ve heard from “the field.” Hope you enjoy them!


A woman who has been a New Phoenix Rising Distributor and using BioLumina for many years shared recently that about 7 years ago, her mother had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the pancreas. It had also spread to her colon. Needless to say, this was not good news for her or her mother. The medical doctors could only offer what they knew to do: chemo and radiation treatments.

Our Distributor said that she felt that her mom would die very soon with the care offered and that she could better care for her at home. Her mother could not eat at all but somehow she was able to get some BioLumina Spirulina into her. Being a BioMagnetism practitioner, our friend also gave her mother treatments. After about 3 or 4 days, her mother suddenly wanted to eat saying “I’m hungry!!!” She fed her mother exactly what she asked for and continued the diet of lots of BioLumina and BioMagnetism treatments. After 3 to 4 months of this program she sent her mother back to the doctor for tests. The result: no detectable cancer!


Unbeknown to us, one of our Distributors was living a very restricted life due to his extreme reaction to EMF. He had gone to great lengths and expense to make his home an EMF free zone. It was the only place he felt good. This was not how he pictured living his life however, because he enjoyed traveling and attending conferences, which he was unable to do.

When he heard about the Intrinity+ he decided to try it out. After he wore his medium size Intrinity+ for 2 to 3 months he called our offices and told us that his life had become transformed by his use of the Intrinity! He was amazed that he could travel and do the things he loved again because of this simple but powerful technology!



One of our Canadian Customers was involved in a terrible automobile collision and thereafter was unable to even set foot in a car without having physical symptoms. These symptoms were so distressing that her whole life had been changed by her inability to travel. She was suffering from serious PTSD. This situation was ongoing for quite some time when she decided to try our product Fearless. She chose Fearless for reasons more or less related to what is talked about on our website and was surprised to see a change that she did not expect.

After drinking the tea for about 3 months, she became aware that although she was not completely “back to normal,” her PTSD symptoms had dramatically reduced to the point where she was once again able to ride in a car! Since hearing this story, we’ve heard from other people who have had results in the same general arena. This is not what we designed Fearless to do but it does make sense to us. The tea works on the meridians associated with releasing fear and causes them to flow naturally as they are supposed to.

Harmonic Biome

A customer who is in her 60’s decided to try Harmonic Biome. She had had digestive/gut health related challenges since she was a teenager and had tried numerous approaches, none of which gave her lasting relief form her distress. After using Harmonic Biome for a relatively short time (weeks, not months), she was having no more symptoms for the first time in decades! Of course she was quite excited.


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