the history of spirulina

It all started 3.6 Billion Years Ago

The multi-celled, fresh-water microalgae, Spirulina, is estimated to be 3.6 billion years old. As one of the oldest living organisms on Earth, Spirulina contains the wisdom of the ages and the genetic history of all life on earth. During these billions of years Spirulina has evolved to thrive unlike any other life form on earth. Unique among all species on Earth, it does not compete with any other organism in order to survive. It simply lives where nothing else will live. It’s consciousness has evolved beyond competition into a higher dimensional state.


For thousands of years, indigenous peoples of Africa and the Americas have consumed Spirulina as a protein source and a means of elevating their consciousness.

Through the work of early pioneers such as Dr. Hiroshi Nakamura of Japan, our mentor Dr. Christopher Hills of England and others, Spirulina has been brought to the attention of modern society.

Biolumina Spirulina is the premier Spirulina on earth. Grown in the pristine California desert, it naturally contains 2 to 3 times as much of the healing pigment phycocyanin as any other brand. It is further enhanced by our proprietary Quantum Infusion process which adds healing energy patterns to the Spirulina.

Quantum infusion represents the latest scientific research into what indigenous people understood for thousands of years.

Working through the body’s Meridian system, it brings balance and healing on multiple levels. BioLumina is non-GMO, non-irradiated, high vibration nutrition! No other Spirulina even comes close! We invite you to experience the difference for yourself.

BioLumina Full Spectrum Nutrition

BioLumina is such wonderful food that, on first meeting, it can seem “too good to be true.” Here are a few of the many ways BioLumina enhances well-being

Dr. Christopher Hills, known as the “Father of Spirulina,” for his work in bringing Spirulina to the world’s attention as a solution to feeding the hungry, stated that Spirulina is “the most direct way to get sunlight into the cells” and is a “key to both health and evolution.” In an article written by Dr. Hills, titled “Spirulina as Nutrition for the Brain,” he writes that “the interesting part… is the remarkable effects of this vegetable plankton on our state of consciousness, particularly while fasting on nothing else…; most people feel increased energy and clarity of mind after taking the Spirulina….” Dr. Hills’s grandson Christopher Hills the 5th expands upon this understanding of Spirulina by equating the shift of consciousness that occurs when the physical body and brain becomes well nourished on a basic biological level, to the altering of ones awareness from a state of fear and survival to that of peace and prosperity. The Quantum-Infusion subtle-energy profile also provides an energetic boost to consciousness, offering subtle-body support for increased well-being.

With its complete, bio-available spectrum of nutrition, including Beta Carotene (pro-vitamin A), six B’s, D, E, H and K, iron, chlorophyll, all essential and many non-essential amino acids, a range of phyto-nutrients, including the super-antioxidant, phycocyanin, BioLumina supports the function and repair of the immune system, as well as supporting healthy response to stressors, while binding free radicals. BioLumina’s massive amount of beta-carotene (20 times more than carrots) and other phyto-nutrients work to reverse damage from oxidative-stress. The “master antioxidant,” SOD, in BioLumina assists in maintaining all body tissues, by supporting accurate DNA/RNA replication of cells. BioLumina has a strong profile of trace minerals, both major and minor. Healthy rest, and sleep are supported as the system recovers from stress. BioLumina assists in building ones immunity to contagious illness’s, such as colds and flu.

No, BioLumina is NOT a magic weight-loss food. Eaten over time, however, its role in increasing energy and supporting metabolic balance helps the body to regain its “natural” weight. The energy BioLumina provides is both quick and sustained, without energy dips, supporting endurance and quick recovery. Rhamnose, and phenylalanine in BioLumina work to regulate the body’s glycemic balance, assisting those who have sugar issues, while regulating the body’s appestat without stimulants. BioLumina is a rich source of Omega 3s and 6s, with large amounts of GLA, a healthy fat that assists in many areas of well-being. One tablespoon of BioLumina shaken or blended into your favorite juice can act as a meal replacement, thus assisting in a focused weight-loss program. Finally, BioLumina is 60-70% protein, and unlike animal-derived proteins, is MUCH more easily digested and bio-available.

With its Omega 3s and 6s and GLA, BioLumina supports heart and cardiovascular health, regulating blood pressure, improving elasticity of heart tissue, reducing serum cholesterol, relieving arthritis symptoms and preventing atherosclerosis. By lowering lipid levels in the blood, BioLumina works to increase vascular health and plasticity. Further, by alkalinizing the entire system, BioLumina decreases inflammation (one of the leading causes of disease in general). The B12 in BioLumina helps build healthy blood, increasing hemoglobin with continued use, and is of special importance to those who lean toward anemia. The calcium in BioLumina regulates blood pressure and soothes the effects of stress on the nervous system and brain.

BioLumina begins its work in the body by cleansing the digestive system. It is important to introduce it to your body slowly, starting with 1/2 teaspoon per day for an adult, building up to 1 tablespoon within about a week. Occasionally, even people with relatively “clean” systems can experience detox symptoms initially. There are no allergens in BioLumina. It helps the body rid itself of all toxins, most importantly radioactive molecules (as was experienced in the 1980s at the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown), mercury and heavy metals, by binding to them (chelating) and flushing them from the body. BioLumina aids digestion, first, by being highly digestible itself – having a soft cell wall – and secondly by supporting the micro-biome in many significant ways.  It cleanses the liver, gall bladder and gut, regulating bowel activity. There is some evidence that BioLumina prevents Candida overgrowth through its regulation of the balance of gut microbes.

Spirulina has a very lengthy shelf life allowing for long-term food storage. This is not surprising when we consider that in nature spirulina dries out on the shores of lakes, where it can remain dormant for years and revive when moistened to grow again. This makes BioLumina the PERFECT food for long-term storage. Because of its low-temperature air drying, BioLumina remains dormant when stored in a cool, dark, and dry place. (No need to refrigerate!) Months or years later, when it is taken off the shelf and added to a liquid, it immediately becomes enzymatically active — a true living food, with a powerful nutritional profile on which you and your family can live in well-being for months, if necessary. Added to a traditional preparedness supply, BioLumina assures all vital nutrients will be available.

Given the situation currently in the Northern Hemisphere, this section is really of prime importance. Eaten regularly, BioLumina Nourishes, Protects, and Repairs in relation to radiation exposure. It Nourishes the body with it’s many immune supporting, naturally occurring pigments and antioxidants. It protects the body by adding bio-available iodine to the thyroid, and by cleansing the body through chelating radioactive isotopes out of the body. It Repairs by supporting accurate DNA/RNA replication of damaged cells, making it invaluable for ones having chemo/radiation treatments. Children, in particular, are vulnerable to lifelong cellular damage from radiation exposure. (If radiation protection were BioLumina’s only benefit, it would be a sufficient enough reason to eat it.) Further, along these lines, BioLumina supports the body in healthful absorption of sunlight: less burning and more tanning. Finally, BioLumina assists the body in responding well to the increased solar energies from the cosmos surrounding our earth’s atmosphere and beyond.

Filling in nutritional gaps helps to maintain cell regeneration and is optimal for improving the quality and vibrance of hair, skin and nails. Many people are attracted to the glowing aura of a healthy body supported by the light absorbing and emitting pigment, phycocyanin, found naturally and in great abundance only in BioLumina Spirulina. In addition, recent research shows that human beings actually have the ability to engage in photosynthesis but only when certain pigments are at a high enough level in the body to facilitate this previously thought to be impossible capacity. In other words, by regular ingestion of BioLumina, ones can create energy directly from the sun! If you only make one change to your diet, make it the addition of BioLumina Spirulina.

When the above benefits are considered, it is clear that the choice to put BioLumina in the body is the most responsible, economical, and health-supporting choice you can make for yourself and your family.

Your daily vitamins, minerals, and proteins

Highly digestible (over 90%) and in nearly 
identical amino acid profile to the human body; all 
10 essentials and 9 more!

Contains abundant Omega 3 and Omega 6

A rainbow of vitamins, pigments and 
phytonutrients, including:


Highest known source of B-12), C, E

Exceptionally rich in beta carotene; 20 times more than carrots.

The highest known source of the rare immune enhancing blue antioxidant.

High levels of this antioxidant enzyme.

A range of protection.

Only mother’s milk is higher in this anti- inflammatory.

The only vegetarian source of this energy giving nutrient.

A rare, biologically active carbohydrate which delivers nutrients to the cells and across the blood brain barrier.

Including Iron and Calcium in abundance.

The following values are per 100g of dried spirulina. The percentages are based on the RDI.
• Vitamin A equiv. (4%) 29 μg• Vitamin D (0%) 0 IU
• Beta-carotene (3%) 342 μg• Vitamin E (33%) 5 mg
• Thiamine (B1) (207%) 2.38 mg• Vitamin K (24%) 25.5 ug
• Riboflavin (B2) (306%) 3.67 mg• Calcium (12%) 120 mg
• Niacin (B3) (85%) 12.82 mg• Iron (219%) 28.5 mg
• Pantothenic acid (B5) (70%) 3.48 mg• Magnesium (55%) 195 mg
• Folate (B9) (24%) 94 μg• Manganese (90%) 1.9 mg
• Vitamin B12 (0%) 0 μg• Phosphorus (17%) 118 mg
• Choline (13%) 66 mg• Potassium (29%) 1363 mg
• Vitamin C (12%) 10.1 mg• Sodium (70%) 1048 mg
• Vitamin D (0%) 0 IU• Zinc (21%) mg

These are some of the certifications of our Spirulina farm.

Michaela Richter: Rejuvinated
When I first learned about BioLumina, my life was at a standstill. My son had barely survived a severe car accident and spending month in hospital had drained all my energy and left me in a state of nothing-makes-sense anymore, although he did survive. I only knew I needed SOMETHING to get me out of this, give me back some energy and a reason to continue living. When I started taking BioLumina I felt a difference right away, as if something that had been closed before suddenly opened up in my head, a shift in consciousness, resulting in more physical energy, hightened concentration, but also new hope for the future. Now I have been 8 month in the process of taking it daily and the results are stunning: BioLumina "repairs“ me from the inside out. Every little ailment I had had has gone away. Hair and nails got stronger, skin problems disappeared, digestion works better than ever, my eyesight improved and I have not been sick all winter. Beyond the physical, however, the effects on my consciousness are outrageous: I developed more selfassurance, I can stand up for my rights and values, I can clearly define and communicate boundaries and totally be myself! There was always this longing inside of me to feed the world with good food and more awareness. BioLumina does it for me – and I am sure it will do so for many more. That is why I am so passionate about it and the reason I decided to become a distributor, as BioLumina not only nourishes the body but also the soul.
Nancy: Electrocuted
In 1970 I was plugged into alternating current for a year and a half, for an hour to and hour and a half, 5 days a week in the PT department of the hospital. The PT department called it electric stim. In 1983 the the MD said "I had been electrocuted, the only difference was they took a year and a half to do it." As a result of this I have had blood patches show up on my arms and hands and until I took the BioLumina Spirulina, nothing was making them go away. I have a BS, BA, RN and have worked in Wholistic Alternative Medicine sine 1975 and have tried lots of natural products. The only product that has improved this condition has been the BioLumina Spirulina. I started it in mid December and this is January 27th, their appearance has already reduced approximately 85%.
Patricia: Lupus
BioLumina has changed my life. As a cancer & stroke survivor, I didn't realize my road to recovery would be ongoing. I had no energy, severe inflammation, malabsorption deficiencies, hormone imbalances, severe vitamin d & adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, difficulty managing my thoughts, lethargic, insomnia, absolutely miserable. After seeing many traditional & holistic practioners it was finally determined that I had a autoimmune disorder known as Lupus. If you have known of anyone or had any experience with this disorder personally, it can be quite debilitating & literally change by the minute. One day you feel good, the next not so much. At any rate, it can be extremely frustrating & emotionally draining. Friends & family may not understand the highs & lows so a support system is critical for recovery. Last June, my Friend suggested I try bioLumina because of it's quality & high concentration of nutrients. I ordered but have to admit I took it sparingly not really believing it could help anymore than all the other products I've purchased & tried on my quest to complete recovery. Unable to sleep, I was compelled one evening to the kitchen. It was as if the jar of bioLumina had some magnetic effect. I always loved the color but this was different. My Inner being was telling me to start consuming more servings. I increased my servings to two tablespoons every morning & evening and anytime in between if I felt the need. My energy started to increase. I was actually able to walk around the block without having to wonder if I would have to call a cab to get back home. I started to get projects done around the house. I was able to concentrate & collect my thoughts without feeling discobulated. My inflammation was better, I just felt different. I felt a deeper connection to myself & during this process learned to not only forgive myself but be patient with the process. I learned you must be kind to yourself & understand that when your body has any sort of trauma despite your best efforts you need to work together. My body and I came to an agreement that we would work together on this quest to recovery. Life was definitely looking better. My outlook was hopeful. Periodically, I get my blood-work checked. I went to the doctor not expecting anything to be any different and much to my surprise my Lupus was NEGATIVE. Yes, NEGATIVE. Not only that, but my hormone levels had regulated significantly, including my vitamin deficiencies. I was beyond elated! My excitement was-well, I was speechless. Overwhelmed with joy to say the least. It's one thing to know you feel different, but to see actual proof of before & after blood panels was just simply beautiful. The only thing I did different was consume more servings of this amazing food source. bioLUmina everyday is a non-negotiable for me. As a result, clarity for my life's purpose has been amazingly clear. My intention is to be the presence of safety, security, and love for all the souls I encounter. My desire is that you would be open to allowing bioLumina to change your life as well. This journey is amazing & I couldn't be happier. Aloha!
Jen: Recovery
Recovery My father is 85 and I thought he would be the last person to really love BioLumina. I showed him how to order a pound so he would have plenty to really give it a good try. A few days later I spoke with him to see how it was working. He exercises a couple of times a week and it usually takes him a day to recover. He said that since starting to make a drink with BioLumina and drinking it in the morning, he recovers without needing the extra day or so to build up his energy again. He is so excited about his results and states, “There are many senior citizens who could use more energy and I am going to tell them about this wonderful food." Monterey Bay, CA
Tom & Trish: Energy
Something we have noticed about the BioLumina . . . . We have done Saturday Markets for 6 of the last 11 years. In all previous years, come Sundays we were always Trashed. On Saturdays this year, even more than the other 6 days, we have between 2 and 3 Tablespoons of the magic blue-green powder. We have not yet been trashed on Sundays. We used to call Sunday "Cripple Day". So the good news this market season is that we are not crippled on Sunday.
Patricia: Joyful
I had tried spirulina before, both in pill form and in powder form and never really liked it, never really felt any different. A friend led me to try BioLumina spirulina and when I opened the jar and looked inside, I knew this spirulina was different. It is a very deep color that somehow radiates an aliveness which feels familiar - like a 'remembering' of something I had taken in the ancient past. The first day I dissolved half a teaspoon in water and drank it. That day I experienced greater energy that was so joyful and everything flowed effortlessly. So I'm hooked! Tuning into my body, I now take one heaped teaspoon in water every other morning and actually love the taste of it. I discovered that if I take it in the evening, though the body sleeps soundly, it doesn't seem to need the 8 hours sleep that it used to need, and after 4 or 5 hours I am fully awake. Since I began taking this spirulina 2 weeks ago, I feel much more Light within, more radiant and joyful. No way will I travel anywhere without it now - in fact, I'm packing a suitcase full of BioLumina spirulina for the year that I will be spending abroad! Thank you New Phoenix Rising for making this wonderful product available to the world!
Rev: Transformation
My name is Rev. Joy Daley! I had my first encounter with Spirulina in 1988 on a job interview on Whidbey Island, WA. During the course of the interview, the prospective employer offered me 3 green tablets after I had complained about gaining weight, having a lack of energy and a couple of other maladies. BOOM! My life was changed forever!! I am not kidding! It was like the lights went on after being on a dimmer switch turned way down low! I could actually see more clearly and everything was brighter! I had so much energy only 15 minutes after the ingestion of the Spirulina tablets, that we walked the 1/4 mile down the rural driveway to the mailbox and back and I had no difficulty at all maintaining her speed! Well, I got the job, two goats and a whole new outlook on life from that point on! That may sound a bit over the top, it really was that Big of a shift for me! I got involved with the company who made the Spirulina at that time, Light Force, and became pretty successful in sharing it with others, based on my experience with it. Many things occurred in my personal life, as well as the life of that company. Things came and went. The thing that didn't change, was my love of Spirulina and the effect it has had on my general health and well-being! There was a time when I quit using it for a few years. I missed it and how great I felt when I was ingesting it daily. I missed the clear thinking, the extra bounce in my step and so on. I even noticed I had become more susceptible to colds and other illnesses, where I rarely had been ill before. Then my friends, Lance and Lyndia, told me they were making it available under the name Biolumina from their company New Phoenix Rising! I was sooo excited! I have been ordering it from them regularly since that time and introduce it to all of my clients and friends and other people I care about!! It is the most potent food I have ever found. It has so many nutrients present in a balanced (G_D's great natural pharmacy) and bio-available source, and it comes from people I trust with my life and well-being. I love that they use quantum technology to enhance the frequency of their product, making it even better than ever before! Everything has a frequency, when I am sick it is because my frequency has been lowered. Many things have an influence that way, radiation (nuclear fallout, solar storms are only two of the sources of that), other unseen waves (microwave, radio waves, cellular transmission) and negative thought patterns, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and so many things that need to be kept balanced. Eating 1-3 tablespoons of Biolumina in a smoothie or in my salad dressings, or on top of my rice or vegetables daily, restores that healthy balance/frequency in me! Easy, painless and tasty! I will leave you with something a very great mentor once told me..."Joy, If I only had the words to really tell you what Spirulina does in your body, it is all those great nutraceutical properties and so much more!” Thank you, Dr. Christopher Hills for instilling in me a sense of wonderment and appreciation for this incredible plant that I feel not only feeds my body and mind, but my soul as well. Love to all, Rev. Joy Daley ~ Galveston, TX Intuitive Bodywork/PSYCH-K facilitator
K.L. : Parkinsion's
I had suffered miserably for 11 years, since 2000, from the extreme body-shaking symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Then, fortunately, the day before Thanksgiving last November, I visited my new friend, Eliahu, to receive a Quantum Breath, Reiki Energy, and Alchemical Crystal Bowl healing session from him. When I arrived, Eliahu made a delicious BioLumina Spirulina Smoothie for me. The Smoothie had BioLumina, organic apples, organic bananas, and pure water in it. About five minutes after drinking that BioLumina Smoothie I was amazed when I suddenly went from my body exhibiting lots of excess and chaotic movement to experiencing full body calm. And right then I was able to meditate for the first time in years! What is so unusual about this is that since I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2,000 my body pretty much always been in a state of excess movement, except when I’d get brief relief for an hour or two by taking medications that had side effects which may have contributed to my feelings of abject depression. That day, I hadn’t taken any medication; yet shortly after drinking that BioLumina Smoothie, my body, mind and spirit felt completely aligned and connected again. That was so wonderful! The next morning was Thanksgiving, and I suddenly had a lot more to be thankful for. I felt great! The beneficial effects of the BioLumina Smoothie that Eliahu had given me at his home the day before (including my body not shaking uncontrollably, and my body mind and spirit feeling so connected) had lasted for a full 8 hours. That had never happened since the onset of the Parkinson’s, and my energy was really high! So much so, that my daughter saw it, and she encouraged me to call Eliahu and order the BioLumina from the New Phoenix Rising Company immediately. I did that over the Internet with Eliahu’s help, and am I ever so thankful for that I did! I was thankful, too, that Eliahu called New Phoenix Rising’s Founder, Lance Leonard, for me on Thanksgiving Day, and that the next day Eliahu drove half an hour to meet personally with Lance and his wife, who took time out from their long Thanksgiving weekend to give Eliahu the BioLumina which he personally delivered to me. That was so kind of the three of them to do that for me. Previously, I had been so depressed from the Parkinson’s and its terrible impacts on my personal and business life that I had hid under the covers in the morning every day, read novels all day long. I didn’t instigate or return client phone calls, and I ate and slept very irregularly. With BioLumina, happily, I get up in the morning and get right into my day. And, I’m calling my clients and returning their calls promptly. BioLumina is a miracle food. My life energy is flowing again, and miracles are happening, including miracles of prosperity! I am so grateful. From here on I intend to have BioLumina every day, always because having my BioLumina Spirulina Smoothie every day, or not, makes all the difference in the world for me! San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Ewell C. : Clarity
Our family drinks a Bio Lumina spirulina shake every morning. As an organic farmer, I know the importance of proper nutrition in the form of nutrient dense, balanced foods. I enjoy the higher level of energy and clarity of focus that I experience as a result of consuming such a wonderful food. Delta, CO
Felicia: Strength
When I started drinking BioLumina in my smoothies, and nothing else in my diet had changed, I felt I had more energy, and strength without experiencing spikes and drops throughout my days. I was tremendously satisfied for most of the day, without cravings for anything sweet or rich. New Phoenix Rising BioLumina became my first thought of the day, I felt balanced and lighter. I started taking it when I was on vacation and lost 5 pounds and felt so radiant, that when I saw my husband, he couldn't help but tell me how great I looked. I've had other spirulina before, store bought and ordered from another company and I have never experienced the euphoria I get from this product. I thought it tasted like spirulina, and I enjoyed that, but my body wanted it and needed it and is healthier because of it... Be well and thank you for providing such a high quality healing product that makes my life richer. Cincinnati, Ohio USA
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