Transform Your Allergies with BioLumina Spirulina

The Problem

Do you find yourself sneezing and coughing more than usual? Maybe feeling tired and sluggish, having headaches, interrupted sleep or having nasal drip, itchy nose and other symptoms of allergies? As the pollen seasons continue to grow longer and more intense, daily use of BioLumina Spirulina can make a difference!


The Solution

Over the last 30 years, the most commonly reported change when people take BioLumina regularly, comes from those who have seasonal allergies or asthmatic symptoms. While there is research on Spirulina having scientifically proven benefits, as with many super foods, it is not completely recognized and recommended by our medical community. Spirulina is a food and therefore cannot be patented, and a substance that cannot be patented, is not a “money maker” for a drug company whose bottom line is money!


The Back Story

The air we breathe is badly polluted with car exhaust, pesticides, herbicides, industrial chemicals (we get these in California from oil drilling, fracking and commercial farming). Recently we have had intense wildfires creating more pollution and stress on our lungs. The  ongoing spraying visible in the skies and the pollen that comes with the change of seasons spell disaster for all of us who need clean air to survive. In some places the smoke or pollen is so bad that people are encouraged to stay inside in filtered air or to wear masks while outdoors!


There is a new word for this pollen cloud that hangs over many of our cities, called “pollenpocalypse”. [PHOTO IMAGE OF THIS] This carries serious health implications as the air is positively charged so it retains the toxins, including heavy metals that are literally breathed into our lungs and ultimately in our bodies, fostering disease and ill health!


How does it work

How can this potent food BioLumina Spirulina produce so many results with daily intake? Here are some reasons: Spirulina is loaded with carotenoids, and this pigment has been proven to be very effective in treating allergies, by reducing inflammation in the airways and healing the inner tissue of the lungs. In addition, BioLumina has pigments that range from yellow, green, orange, blue, red, to purple and other shades that appear when it is mixed in water or juice. Those pigments support a super response in the body’s immune system, creating a pathway to develop more stem cells, reduce inflammation and “put a lid” on all sorts of chronic conditions. NASA, in their research, found that 1 pound of Spirulina is equal to 1,000 pounds of fruits and veggies! Imagine being able to take in such potent nutrition in one glass or bottle.


Another reason that BioLumina is so effective is its ability to cleanse and detox the body. Over a year’s time, our body accumulates more and more toxins from the air and other sources. With daily ingestion of Spirulina, our liver stays clean and clear so it is able to effectively do it’s job. The health of our liver determines, to a large extent, our overall health. The next 3 paragraphs explain the top 3 reasons why BioLumina is so much better than any other Spirulina on the market today.



We have worked with Spirulina for well over 35 years. Seventy-five percent (75%) of the Spirulina sold in the U.S. is now imported from China. A significant portion of that imported Spirulina is contaminated with heavy metals and other toxins. Furthermore, it is irradiated! In addition, some Spirulina, grown in other countries, are grown with animal blood, introducing the possibility of pathogens in the mix. There is also the ongoing issue of radioactive waste being dumped into the Pacific Ocean, making another American source of Spirulina unhealthy. BioLumina is grown in triple filtered water and tested and monitored more than any Spirulina on Earth. Some of the testing we do is not done at any other Spirulina farm (for example, we test the purity down to the nano scale).



BioLumina Spirulina is the most nutrient dense form of Spirulina. For example, very few brands of Spirulina have a phycocyanin content even close to 15% and most are well under 10%. (We’ve recently noticed companies that boast about their Spirulina having  a 7% phycocyanin content) Phycocyanin is the blue pigment in Spirulina and is the most powerful of all the pigments in Spirulina. While we are not allowed to make medical claims about this food, Spirulina, research suggests that phycocyanin may be important in healing many neurologically related conditions due to its ability to assist the body to create its own neural stem cells.

BioLumina Spirulina always contains 20% or more Phycocyanin content. As we write this article, our current crop of BioLumina Spirulina measures at almost 22%! There is no other Spirulina on the market today that even comes close. How do we do it, you may ask? That is one of our trade secrets but we will say that it has to do with several factors. The knowledge of our growers, technology, and climate. BioLumina is grown in temperatures  that reach 110-130℉, which is crucial aspect of developing the super high phycocyanin content.



Quantum Infusion,™ the science based process which embeds energy frequencies of balance, core strength and stress recovery directly into our Spirulina, works like acupuncture (except without the needles and much stronger) giving you health benefits beyond the physical/chemical attributes of this amazing superfood.


If you’ve read this far, we want to offer you a little treat (a recipe for BioLumina), a challenge, and a reward!


The Recipe

This recipe will assist you in building your immune system, protect your skin from the sun and give you abundant energies for an amazing summer.


Super Spring time Smoothie

In your blender…

•      3-4 thin slices of fresh ginger (added inflammation protection)

•      1 medium carrot

•      1 hand of Spinach

•      1 banana

•      1 fresh orange

•      1 fresh lemon (our favorites are Meyers Lemons)

•      1 cup of berries/mango slices or other fruit

•      1-1 1/2 cups juice, alternative milk or water


•     Enjoy!


The Challenge

Now that you know how good BioLumina Spirulina is for your health, doesn’t it make sense to share it with your friends and loved ones so they too can feel better and be healthier? We are guessing that you know many people who could benefit from this simple dietary change that may be unknown to them. You’ll feel better too, knowing that you’ve contributed something that very few people can offer to others; the gift of health!


The Reward

By sharing this wonderful product with your friends, you stand to get some free BioLumina!!! When 3 of your friends order BioLumina in one calendar month, you get a jar* for free! You only pay for the shipping. How’s that for a great reward?


* This applies when your friends order as Retail Customers, and you must be on Autoship to qualify for the reward


-Author of article, Lyndia Leonard



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