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New Phoenix Rising has always been a platform for bringing forth inspirations, ideas and especially actions that support the awakening of people in small and big ways. This is because that inspirational consciousness is the orientation of the founders, Lyndia and Lance Leonard. 

Because that vibration is infused into the company, it has always attracted others who have a similar orientation; the change makers, and those who are change makers in the making! Being a change maker is not a one time affair, rather, it is a life long passion that can be expressed in many ways. It’s like planting seeds in a garden. We can nurture them, give them a good environment, and plant at the best time, but ultimately we don’t know for sure which ones will sprout and grow. So being a change maker requires a certain combination of passion and detachment, a kind of Zen passion, you might say! 


An example of that passion and zen-like seed planting came into our awareness today. One of the nonprofit organizations (Lance and Lyndia have founded many over the years) of which Lyndia was a founder, decades ago, recently announced that it was receiving about 37 million dollars to expand its work. At this time, few of the people who work there even know who Lyndia is, but the seed that was planted continued to grow and blossom all these years, and the organization has assisted countless people. (the nonprofit we are speaking about makes grants to small change making organizations). 

When you, as a New Phoenix Rising Distributor, offer our wonderful products or business opportunity to another, you are planting a seed, so to speak. You may never know the goodness that might come out of that one simple act, but if you plant enough seeds, some of them will undoubtedly grow! Using the Zen Passion approach, you will be rewarded regardless of what happens in the immediate future as the act itself is fulfilling and hopefully, fun! We encourage you to think of your business as an adventure; one in which you get to inspire others to begin their own adventure. If you do, you will not be disappointed!


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We are committed to be of assistance in the evolution of human consciousness. Through cultivating Authenticity, Congruence and Empowerment, and by enhancing people’s ability to choose Health, Abundance and love, we are fostering the development of Global Spiritual Community based on freedom, personal creativity and harmony with Nature.

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